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Who you are

You are the small business owners that make up the backbone of the American economy. You face increasing challenges every day without a corresponding increase in resources to get the job done.


Many small business owners attempt their own marketing. But this can lead to disappointing results. For all your do-it-yourself marketing efforts, you are probably not adequately representing your product or service. 

To ensure success, you need to identify a target market. It is important to make a good first impression on this market. Then you need to get their attention and communicate effectively with that market. It starts with a professional image on your Website, your literature, your business cards, etc..


As a small business owner, you need marketing that is effective and low-cost. Marketing campaigns shouldn't break the bank to be professional and achieve your business goals.


That's our mission, to address your needs by designing high-quality, professional marketing materials you can't afford not to use.

Who we are

As with many industries, the advertising industry is changing.
Marvelous Marketing is a new kind of agency with a business model shaped by the wireless age we live in. Our approach allows us to offer a full-range of specialized services at unheard of low prices.


By leveraging a pool of highly skilled artisans and designers, which are external Marvelous Marketing-affiliated professionals, we deliver high-quality Websites, creative graphics, attractive mailers and exceptionally-written text for brochures, press releases and enewsletters, etc., all without the high costs.


Our goal with every project is to help you reduce your marketing costs while maintaining a high level of creativity. As your virtual marketing department, we offer friendly consultative advice and ongoing support all without the big price tag.


With a new business model for the wireless age, we are Marvelous Marketing here to serve you.


About our founders


After more than two decades of leading marketing activities in both large and small companies, Peyton Hughes recognized the need for a cost-effective, small business-serving marketing company. It needed to match the full-service professionalism of the larger agencies, but at the same time, be affordable and client focused. The vision was a one-stop, full-service ad agency that offered services in easy-to-understand affordably priced packages. Peyton grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, but eventually found her way to Northern Virginia where she worked for Congressman Frank Wolf. Later with an MBA, Peyton's marketing skill helped to transform start-up biotech companies into market leaders. She is active in the community, works in political campaigns and lives in Gainesville, Virginia with her husband.


Jason Cooper brings a strong work ethic and practical understanding to marketing. He has an almost magical talent to grasp business dynamics and discern customer needs. As a technical writer for one of the nation's Fortune 500 companies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jason acquired formal training in promotional copy writing as well as Website content development. Jason worked at start-up companies where he learned first-hand the dangers of producing marketing materials that appear "low budget." A knack for technology, Jason is knowledgeable in SEO marketing, Web development and cost-saving strategies. Jason graduated from Rutgers University and holds a Master's degree from the University of Virginia. He is married living with his wife and three very active children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Get affordable one-stop advertising from a team of experts and start expanding your business today.